Katy Perry & Russell Brand Wedding Bound (PHOTOS)

Katy Perry and Russell Brand spent their final unwed moments jetting off to India for their six-day wedding extravaganza.

Katy was spotted wearing some Indian-inspired jewelry on her ear/nose in London's Heathrow airport, but she got a little camera shy after landing in India. The "California Gurls" singer covered herself up with her coat while she claimed her baggage, leaning on fiance Russell for support.

Enjoy these photos because these are the last glimpses we will see of Katy and Russell before they become Mr. and Mrs. Brand!

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    Rihanna didn't even go to the wedding! She had the nerve to reveal the location of the wedding to the media, even though Katy CLEARLY wanted it to be private. It's obvious Rihanna is a two-faced bitch. She talked crap about Katy's music, and said she "had to hit the studio". Her album is already done, studio time can easily be rebooked. She obviously isn't a real friend.She knew the date of the wedding way in advance. Just hangin' out with Katy for the PR, I guess. No cameras at the wedding, no Rihanna...