Kristen Stewart Is Down With Her Lesbian Fans (VIDEO)

As it turns out, Kristen Stewart is into chicks … or, at least, chicks who are into Kristen Stewart.

The Twilight beauty acknowledged and even wholeheartedly embraced her lesbian following—self-identified as “Krisbians”—during an interview with MTV this week, bringing relief to legions of lady-loving Kristen Stewart fans who might have feared that they would be shunned by their idol.

Asked if she was aware of the Krisbian movement, K-Stew laughed and nodded affirmatively,

“Yeah, yeah. I totally can’t lie about that. Oh my God, yeah.”

But while cinema’s most prominent vampire groupie might approve of the lesbian community that’s showered her with adoration, Stewart does admit that her older brother, Cameron Stewart (or, perhaps jokingly throwing Cameron under the bus to deflect away from R-Pattz), can be a tad defensive about the phenomenon, noting that “it really pisses [him] off.”

Perhaps he’s in need of sensitivity training—or at least a tutorial on the joys and wonders of girl-on-girl love. Maybe a perusal of his little sis’ film catalog would help?

Watch K-Stew dish on the Krisbians in the video below: