Kristen Stewart Is Joining the Marines

If you thought Kristen Stewart’s Joan Jett haircut for The Runaways was jarring, just wait until you see her in a buzz cut.

MTV reports that the Twilight beauty is definitely on board to film An American Girl, the story of a young woman who, faced with a sex-tape scandal, runs away to join the Marines and escape the humiliation. And if director James Woods has his way, K-Stew will be donning the fatigues shortly after wrapping up the two-part Twilight finale Breaking Dawn. Actor-turned helmsman Woods tells MTV,

“She’s been committed to it for two years now, and we’re just about ready to go now in the spring.”

Stewart has long been tenuously connected to the film and, Woods notes, though she had yet to be launched into mega-stardom by the Twilight series when she first expressed interest in the role, her compatibility with the part was obvious from the start:

“Her insight into the script was so perceptive and prescient as it turns out that I was overwhelmed with what a true professional and what a true artist she was, beyond her talent. She’s got a real brain for script analysis. She’s just been totally devoted throughout all this fame. It’s never dented her at all. She’s been terrific from day one up until this very minute.”

Solid praise indeed—especially when compared to some of the wishy-washy compliments that Stewart’s former co-stars have been throwing around lately.

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