Rihanna Admits That ‘Who’s That Chick’ Is a Bit Blah

Apparently, Rihanna has moved on from dismissing other artists’ music to criticizing her own tunes. During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the “Rude Boy” songstress admitted that one of her new tracks, “Who’s That Chick,” really isn’t up to snuff—and in fact isn’t even good enough to warrant a spot on her new album, Loud

After being reminded by interviewer Dave Karger that there seems to be a current glut of songs that, like “Who’s That Chick,” deal with the topic of club-going, the songbird conceded, 

“Yeah, I know. And that’s why it’s a bonus track and not on Loud. It’s a great song but it’s safe. It’s like a lot of other songs out there.”

Don’t feel too bad, Ri-Ri; while the song might be standard-issue “in the club” pabulum, the accompanying video-cum-Doritos ad is still a fascinating visual epic of mind-melting proportions

Do you think Rihanna is being too hard on herself in her quest for complete originality? And do you agree with her that “Who’s That Chick” isn’t anything special? Sound off with your opinion in the comments section.

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