Suri Cruise’s $6K Halloween Costume: Cheaper Than Your Kid’s?

When reports first emerged that Suri Cruise, the endlessly photogenic daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, would be hitting the Trick-or-Treat circuit in a $6,000 Halloween costume this year, many wondered: Is it really wise to spend that kind of money on a four-year-old’s costume? Would it lead to an outsized sense of entitlement? Is that really the appropriate message to send in this dire economic environment?

But after examining the issue more deeply, Celebuzz has determined that not only is the pearl-embroidered, fairy-tale princess frock that Suri will reportedly be sporting this year entirely reasonable, it’s actually a model of fiscal prudence that we should all look to for inspiration in this era of belt-tightening. Simply put, when you break the stats down, you probably spent more on your child’s outfit.

Celebuzz’s Bureau of Statistics spent considerable time crunching the numbers, and the findings are shocking. According to Forbes, Suri’s dad took in $22 million last year. Meanwhile, government reports indicate that the average wage index in the United States was $40,934 in 2009. Some quick work on the calculator reveals that Cruise’s $6K outlay would equate to $11.07 in average-American terms—which, by any standard, would make for a pretty sad Halloween costume. And this is without factoring in Katie Holmes’ income.

Taking the above into account and putting it all into perspective, one almost has to feel sorry for little Suri. So if she shows up on your doorstep on October 31st, make sure to throw an extra Snickers bar into her sack.