Have a Muggle Feast with the ‘Harry Potter Cookbook’

A new way to enjoy Harry Potter has hit the stands. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook was released in September by Dinah Bucholz and features over 150 recipes of foods that were mentioned throughout the series.

Although some recipes are imagined by the author, most are authentic to the story. The recipes include Harry’s favorite, Treacle Tart, Mrs. Weasley’s specialty, Molly’s Meat Pies, and Kreacher’s French Onion Soup. The book is also said to be kid-friendly with ages 9 and up encouraged to give it a try. The book is also out just in time for Halloween as it makes for the perfect project to work on with your kids!

Although the book is clearly unofficially associated with the series, it is written and published in such a similar style that no one can tell the difference. The book can be purchased for $19.95 online or at bookstores nationwide. Will you be getting it?

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