Kanye West Slams Taylor Swift (Again)

Remember when Kanye West apologized to Taylor Swift for his infamous VMA burn in a marathon Twitter rant, saying the innocent songbird had “nothing to do with” his “issues with awards shows?”

One month later, Kanye’s awards show complex is rearing its ugly head again. In a new chat with Access Hollywood, the “Runaway” rapper slams Taylor as undeserving of last year’s Grammy win for Album of the Year. 

“Why are the last four Albums of the Year: Taylor Swift, Dixie Chicks, Ray Charles and Herbie Hancock? Like, you know, with all due respect… that’s inaccurate,” Kanye wondered out loud to Access.

Ouch! Kanye opines that voters for the musical honors have recently passed over talented, top-selling acts in favor of the smaller, less commercial albums. So who are Kanye’s de facto picks for Album of the Year?

“It’s like ‘SexyBack’ — you know what I’m saying? Like [Justin Timberlake’s] ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds,’ Gnarls Barkley. How about Usher — ‘Confessions’?” Kanye said.  “How about albums that sold 10 million?”

It appears Kanye may still be in need of some awards show therapy, as he says he believes the trophy-fests “mean something to us” and urges the Grammy (and VMA!) organizers to “take some responsibility to say what really happened in culture this year because we’re marking it down.”

Do you agree–or disagree–with Kanye’s latest Swift slam? Sound off in the comments.