Kristen Stewart Says ‘Rileys’ Isn’t ‘Raunchy’ (VIDEO)

Don’t get the wrong idea about Kristen Stewart’s latest movie. Yes, she plays an underage stripper. And yes, her character, Mallory, might swear like a drunken sailor with Tourette syndrome in the movie. But Welcome to the Rileys is no tawdry cinematic affair.

Stewart spoke to PopEater about the movie and assured that the sleaze factor in the story—which finds Stewart’s character being taken under the wing of traveling businessman Doug Riley, portrayed by James Gandolfini—isn’t as high as one might expect. Stewart opines,

“It’s not raunchy or anything, it’s actually like a really sweet story.”

Besides, as she sees it, unlike her other projects—she also stars in a tiny independent project called The Twilight Saga, you might have heard of it—Rileys isn’t meant to be enjoyed by all ages:

“It’s Rated R anyway, not all of the kids will come see it, but you can’t think about stuff like that [anyway]. It’ll mess you up.”

See K-Stew’s interview in the video below:

Welcome to the Rileys opens wide on November 5, following a limited October 29 release. Are you ready to embrace the non-raunch? Let us know in the comments section.