Kristen Stewart Trying Out ‘Dawn’ Wedding Dresses

Big news, Kristen Stewart fans—your favorite actress has just announced that she’s taken a major step toward walking down the aisle!

Okay, okay; so it’s actually her wedding for the upcoming Twilight finale Breaking Dawn. But given that the impending nuptials between Stewart’s on-screen alter-ego, Bella Swan, and her vampire lover Edward Cullen have approached Prince Charles/Princess Diana levels of anticipation among Twi-hard Nation, this qualifies as Very. Important. Information.

Stewart told MTV this week that she’s currently in the process of trying on wedding dresses for the big Breaking Dawn wedding. But, like many bride-to-be’s who found herself drowning in bridal magazines, she hasn’t yet found just the right frock to exchange vows in. Says K-Stew, who’s currently gearing up to film Breaking Dawn,

“I haven’t put ‘the one’ on yet. To be honest, it’s such a big deal. It’s such a big decision. I have a little hand in having a decision — or having an opinion more — but I think it’s pretty much up to [Twilight authoress] Stephenie [Meyer].”

Fear not, though; Stewart has no plans to go all Bridezilla on the situation. The 20-year-old actress notes that, whatever she ends up wearing on the big day, she’s certain that it will be just perfect:

“I’m not quite sure exactly what it’s going to look like, but it will be beautiful. I’m sure.”

But what about you, Twi-hards? What kind of wedding dress do you think Bella should wear in Breaking Dawn? Let us know in the comments section. (You might want to consult our gallery of Katy Perry wedding dress ideas for inspiration—and have a look at our collection of Kristen Stewart’s Hottest Looks while you’re at it.)