Snooki Says She Hasn’t Had Sex in Three Months

Brandy isn’t the only female who’s been going through a dry spell lately.

Jersey Shore enchantress Snooki appeared on radio program Mojo in the Morning on Thursday and bravely admitted that, despite her obvious charms, she hasn’t experienced guido love in 90 days.

Asked about emerging rumors that she’s carrying a little orange bun in the oven, the Snookster protested,

“You have to have sex to get pregnant.”

Shocked and amazed, the hosts pressed further. Just how long had it been since the party-positive reality TV sensation (born Nicole Polizzi) had known carnal relations? Days? Weeks? The shocking answer:

“I couldn’t even tell you…I think it’s been about 90 days.”

Perhaps that explains why she seems to have way too much time and energy on her hands these days.

Who do you think will be the lucky guy to step up to the plate and break Snooki’s celibate streak? Share your predictions in the comments section.