The Simpsons’ ‘Twilight’ Episode: Sneak Peek! (VIDEO)

Sink your teeth into this, Twi-hards! And you might want to take a bite yourselves, Simpsons fans.

A new promo for The Simpsons’ highly anticipated Twilight-themed episode of the show’s annual “Treehouse of Horror” extravaganza has been released, offering a sneak peek into how America’s favorite dysfunctional family and everyone’s favorite sparkly vampires will gel on screen.

In the episode, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe plays familiarly-named vamp Edmund. Also making a guest appearance on the episode: House star Hugh Laurie, who somehow manages to conjure even more dread than he does on his regular gig.

Check out the animated collision of worlds below. The Simpsons’ satirical nod to Twilight airs on November 7. Will you be tuning in for the chuckles? Let us know in the comments section.