Willow Smith Tops Rihanna in Online Video Views

Willow Smiths incessant hair-whipping has nudged Rihanna out of the spotlight. At least in the eyes of the Internet video-viewing community.

In a stunning display of nine-year-old Smith’s pop-culture ascendancy, Willow’s new video, “Whip My Hair,” has outpaced Ri-Ri’s most recent video, “Only Girl (In the World),” despite the latter being released nearly a week earlier.

“Whip My Hair,” which was unleashed on an unsuspecting world on October 18, has thus far racked up a jaw-dropping 3,899,553 views. By contrast, “Only Girl (In the World),” despite its six-day head start, has lagged behind with a mere 3,143,349 views. 

Willow has a way to go, however, before she snatches the crown (and retrofits it with a chin strap to prevent it from falling off during a hair-whipping session, of course). Though her early numbers are impressive, Smith still has some catching up to do before she surpasses Justin Bieber’s “U Smile” video (which, since September 28, has logged 8,409,904 views) and Taylor Swift’s “Mine” (a little over 15 million views since August 30). And while Miley Cyrus’ controversial “Can’t Be Tamed” has the distinct advantage of being released in May, it still towers over the rest with 50 million-plus viewings. Better start whipping that hair a little harder, Willow. Just try not to injure your neck on the way to the top.

Do you think “Whip My Hair” will eventually surpass “Can’t Be Tamed”? Share your predictions in the comments section.

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