Expert: Lindsay Lohan Should Rehab for 6 Months

Expert: Lindsay Lohan Should Rehab for 6 Months-photo

Lindsay Lohan learned today that she will dodge more jail time and return to rehab. While tough Judge Elden Fox ordered Lohan, 24, to remain at the famed Betty Ford Center through January 3, bringing her latest rehab stint to a total of about 90 days, one expert tells Celebuzz that the troubled actress should continue her treatment for much longer – to the tune of six months.

“Nothing seems to be working because she’s not being treated long enough,” psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy tells Celebuzz. “Someone with a disease of this severity needs extensive work and that doesn’t happen in 30, 60 or even 90 days… I’d say she needs a good four to six months in rehab to lay the foundation for a solid outcome.”

Despite a recommendation from the Los Angeles County Probation Department that Lindsay spend more time behind bars, Judge Fox opted to break Lohan’s seemingly endless cycle of 'jail, rehab, repeat,' a cycle that has landed her in rehab five times (and counting.) Nevertheless, rehab is the right choice, according to Dr. Sophy.

“She needs treatment. She doesn’t need to sit in a jail cell,” he told Celebuzz. “You see her keep falling and you realize this girl’s really sick.”

Though she smiled upon arrival to court, LiLo reportedly broke down after learning she was headed back to rehab, a route she is said to have pleaded for in an emotional letter to the judge. Now that her next step is in place, how should an addict so severe work to finally recover from her demons?

Dr. Sophy recommends a rehab stint that is not only lengthy, but strict, meaning no cell use, web surfing or Twitter.

“All of that is too distracting,” he said. “Those things keep her connected to people and elements that are not beneficial to her. She needs to remain cut off so as no to latch on to the same Band-Aids for her issues.”

He adds: “What’s really going to help her is to be locked up in rehab for several months so her body and brain can clear out from this stuff. She needs to have time to nurture herself and get a healthy routine back. That’s what’s going to start the healing for her.”

Here's hoping the fifth (sixth?) time in rehab will be a charm for Lindsay. Whenever she's ready, we'd love to see her accomplish her goal of reviving her career.

Do you think returning to rehab is the best option for Lindsay? Weigh in via the comments. Check out the photos of Lindsay arriving to court today and relive her ups and downs in Lindsay Lohan's Troubles: A Timeline.



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  • Lisa

    They Need To Bring Lindsay To My House , I Was Just Like her maybe 7 years ago... Partied Like There was no tomorrow...Drank not to get a buzz but to pass out..Wow I thought I had it made..Every Guy Wanted me it was the life I thought...Till Oneday I started getting sick ...And The Sickness didn't stop it went so far that I'm Bed Redden Now For over 4 years...A Chronic Disease Called Lyme Took My Life away..My Business, My Credit, My Friends & Family And My Dream Job RN ...Had 8 months to become a nurse and lost it all with a snap of a finger...If I just knew then what was going to happen to my life..I thought it couldnt get any worst and my 15 year old son was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme also..This Disease is a very slow death..It attacks every organ in your whole body...and yes from one small tick bite... No rehab will teach her nothing!!! She needs a wake up call ! Like My Life Watching A Beautiful Girl Who Had It All Lose everything in a snap of a finger...The Lord saved me from that life..I have learned so much since getting this horrific Disease ...Just wish I had learned it earlier in life..Now Everyday I wake up I don't thank God I made it home safe from a wild night on the town ! I Thank God He Gave Me One More Day On This Earth to Live even though its 24 hour torture and pain non stop..This is the wake up call Lindsay Lohan Needs Not A Rehab...How many times has she been in one... Correct You Bring her to me I will show her how Beauty, Bars, drugs don't mean nothing if your laying in your bed fighting for your life everyday...Lyme Disease can happen to anyone..I know many Stars that have gotten this Disease!

  • maxsteel5000

    very sexy and love the way she look all the time

  • Shannon

    I think this is rididulous...addict or not she shoud be in jail! She broke the law over and over and over again. Anyone else would be!!!