‘Jersey Shore’ Season 3 Gets Premiere Date

Last night, the cast of the Jersey Shore said goodbye to Miami and packed up their things to head home to you-know-where. So, does this mean we’ll have to wait another year until we get to see Snooki, The Situation and the rest of the gang? Luckily for fans, the Shore will be back soon enough.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Shore co-creator SallyAnn Salsano confirms that the MTV reality sensation will return on January 6 and there will be plenty of drama to keep things exciting. As previously reported, Deena Nicole Cortese (Shore-style nickname is still pending), will join the cast as they head back to Seaside Heights.

“Snooki brought one of her best friends with her – Deena,” said SallyAnn. “She’s a good time. It was hard to come in because there was a pre-exisiting relationship between everyone. There was literally no shortage of drama.”

Watch a deleted scene of the cast saying good bye to their Gelato shop boss in Miami.

As for smooshing, SallyAnn says that the Shore boys aren’t finding it easier to hook up with girls now that they are famous.

“I would say they still have the same ratio of hook-ups to getting shot down [compared to Season One]. Some would say it’s harder because people are on to their shenanigans.”

As for the rumored Pauly D and Snooki spin-offs, SallyAnn says that she “doesn’t know if there is anything official” but that they do shoot with the kids “constantly.” Hm, guess you’ll have to wait to see is Snooki goes solo into the reality world after all.

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