Lindsay Lohan’s Director Didn’t Predict All This Drama

The director of Lindsay Lohan’s oft prolonged film Inferno, Matthew Wilder, told the LA Times Friday that he had no idea so much drama was in store when he cast the troubled starlet.

“Did I have an idea it would take all these turns? No. I thought we were in the closing chapter of all this stuff,” the filmmaker said, and the “stuff” is all bad too, namely drug relapses and long stints in jail and rehab, which have caused the production of the film to be delayed numerous times. 

Despite that, Wilder says he talks to Lindsay constantly even though she’s rehabbing at Betty Ford, and he’s holding out hope that all of Lindsay’s problems will manifest themselves positively on camera: “The corollary to all of this is that when you have stuff like this going on, it makes you want to dive into work more, rather than wallowing in the bad. People say to me, ‘Don’t you think it’s awful having someone do all this with all the turbulence in their life?’ And I think it’s better to really pull all of this stuff out of you, rather than doing some romantic comedy and having to be cute.”

And mentally, the director isn’t doubting Lindsay either, calling her “very clear and cool, and not freaking out at all — not flipping out. Like, very even.” Although Wilder adds, “She’s not really happy to be [in rehab]. She says, ‘I’m not at a spa.’”

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