Mel Gibson Was Shunned by 'Hangover 2' Cast

Mel Gibson Was Shunned by 'Hangover 2' Cast-photo

When news broke this week that Mel Gibson had been relieved of his cameo in the upcoming sequel The Hangover 2, many assumed that it was due to the protests of Hangover star Zach Galifianakis, who had subtly let slip that he was none too happy about an unnamed aspect of the production in a recent interview. But as it turns out, that's only partially true—a production insider tells Us Magazine that pretty much everybody was against the idea of having the recently troubled actor in the film.

According to the source, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms also shared Galifianakis' disapproval when they were abruptly told the King of Malibu would be sharing screen time with them, in a bit part as a tattoo artist:

"They barely began shooting when [Gibson] was dumped on them. It was met with a collective, 'Oh, hell no.' This dampened all of the production. None of the cast, Bradley, Zach, Ed, no one was pleased and it was evident."

And while the prospect of being subjected to Gibson's notoriously volatile behavior on set surely didn't sit well with the cast, the source adds that they also weren't keen on giving the Lethal Weapon actor a venue in which to rehabilitate his reputation:

"They don't want him to be in the movie and serve as a platform for some creepy comeback. They didn't want that energy or to shoulder what would come with having him a part of the film."

Do you think The Hangover 2 will be better or worse off without Gibson?  Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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  • HM

    They didn't have a problem with a convicted rapist in the first film but balk now? I'm not saying Mel should or shouldn't have a part but it sure seems arrogant of the cast to speak out now after sharing the first film with Mike Tyson!

  • Murtaugh

    I thought that it was a stroke of genius to add Mel to the cast. I bet it would have been a hilarious cameo, probably with a nod and a wink to recent events. Also, I have to agree with C.J. - sure, Mel got loaded and said some terrible things but Tyson is a convicted rapist who beats up on women. Where was the outrage last time?

  • C.J.

    Mr. Galifianakis had no problem with Mike Tyson and his baggage but all of a sudden has a conscience and acts as a judge and jury?? Good work Mr. Galifianakis, your over exposed bit has almost played out. Use it while you can.

  • Jawsphobia

    Mel was the only reason I'd pay to see a Hangover 2. And Zack just abruptly stopped being funny. This article is quite leading. I DOUBT strongly that Todd Phillips threw Mel in without consulting anybody. Now they will say it was the other actors, but if that were the case it never would have been an offer to Mel, much less a press release. There is nothing wrong with rehabilitating a career that has benefited Hollywood at large. No hangover 2 for me thanks.

  • Lenny

    Worse, one of the few interesting bits about the unneeded sequel was Mel. Now I can quietly smile at Galifianakis acting mentally handicapped.