Taylor Swift’s ‘Speak Now’: Full Album Preview!

Taylor Swift’s upcoming new album, Speak Now (in stores on October 25), has already generated plenty of interest, thanks largely to the speculation as to which former beaus Swift will immortalize in song. But amid all the chatter it’s easy to forget that there’s actual music on the thing too.

Luckily, a full preview of Speak Now has made its way onto the Internet, giving the world an opportunity to discover what kinds of new songwriting directions the 20-year-old Fearless songbird will be pursuing this time around. As the snippets below reveal, the country-music chanteuse mixes things up with the country-inflected pop of lead single “Mine,” the full-on rocker “Better Than Revenge” and the orchestral balladry of “Haunted.”

The track listing for Speak Now is as follows:

1. “Mine”

2. “Sparks Fly”

3. “Back to December”

4. “Speak Now”

5. “Dear John”

6. “Mean”

7. “The Story of Us”

8. “Never Grow Up”

9. “Enchanted”

10. “Better Than Revenge”

11. “Innocent”

12. “Haunted”

13. “Last Kiss”

14. “Long Live”

Check out the preview below and share your predictions in the comments section: Will Speak Now do as well as Swift’s mega-hit Fearless?