Adam Lambert Kisses Another Male Fan (VIDEO)

Adam Lambert Kisses Another Male Fan (VIDEO)-photo

Adam Lambert may have toned things down during his recent concert in Malaysia, but the Australian leg of his Glam Nation tour has been a whole different story.

The American Idol fave spiced up his concert at Sydney's Enmore Stadium on Wednesday with a little lip-locking action, wandering out into the audience and singling out a male fan for a passionate kiss. (The "Whataya Want From Me" singer made a similar connection during a recent concert in Providence, Rhode Island.)

Check out the video below to see Lambo get busy Down Under, starting at the 4:30 mark. How would you react if Adam planted one on you in concert? Let us know in the comments section.



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  • hana

    adam is the best

  • queenrosered

    Is this a serious question even?? I you not realize that this ICON has millions of people, all over the world, gay, straight, male, female, old, young,black, white, brown,Asian,etc...that would PAY for one little liplock from him? If his sex appeal could be bottled, it would send the Dow and NASDAQ soaring! Any other questions?

  • grumpyds

    some men are just jealous b/c they do not have the confidence that Adam exudes. He has the I am who I am attitude and I make no apologies for it Either you like me or you don't but I'm not changing for any one. I love his music and attitude.

  • Sarah

    [quote=little bumgrub]He be singing without teeth Billy Bad Ass..Ugh Adam wouldn't want you any way. You are are probably old , bald and have a penis the size of a peanut

  • JoJo

    Lambert might be coming to Jingle Ball this year this is your last week to vote do it now at

  • kierra


  • Vicki

    Holy hell. There are no words for how lucky that guy is- I wish it were me. :) I can guarantee you that most of the people that attend his concerts would give anything to have that happen to them. Adam has enough sexual energy to power a city- yikes!

  • adamishot

    That adorable boy didn't want to let go of Adam! haha! Can't say I blame him.

  • Deb

    I would absolutely love it.

  • Edita

    WOW ;D


    oh my god what is he trying to tell his fans? pls throw up and hate me for ever!!1 cause that is what is going to happen.


    so jealous of Trent getting tongue dived by Adam! lucky guy!wish it was me! i was like a metre away from all the action.haha!

  • guesthere

    It's a silly kiss and about fun. Adam kissing fans is not new and he likes to kiss people period. Him kissing a male fan is about fun....he kissed a girl briefly as well. I think the guys in the audience seem to be less shy..anyway...congrats to Adam on his 2x platinum single WWFM, platinum single IIHY, and gold album in Australia. He has a 2x platinum album in New Zealand, platinum single (wwfm), and two gold singles (fye and iihy)..He has done great Down Under, too include the kiss..haha



  • mm

    adam you r gay[/quote Don't you think that's why he kisses dudes!!! Your and Idiot!!!!

  • rino191

    adam you r gay

  • rdean

    What is going on with those guns?

  • Linda

    if adam lambert kissed me i would be very excited ;) i think he is gorgeous gay or not he's beautiful....and extreamly sexy :), come to mackay in australia adam!!!

  • May

    I am DYING for a kiss from ADAM LAMBERT!!!! I don't care what my husband would think! ACtually he might be jealous! haha. A kiss from Adam would be a dream come true. I'd go back for seconds! And thirds! OMG I would give my right arm to be with him. He is SO HOT! SO GORGEOUS!!!

  • Jo(:

    Damn... I wish I kissed him. Sexy ass mofo!(:

  • tess4ADAM

    Are you aware of the Gold & Platinum awards ADAM has been given in Australia for his FYE album & his two singles WWFM & IIHY!!! NOW that is NEWSWORTHY ... quit sensationalizing silly little things like kissing a WILLING fan!!

  • delilah

    Adam can do whatever he wants to do. His fans love him. You think if his fans had problem with kisses could Adam have 75,000 people on his concert in Canada or 16,000 in Malasia!!! Leave Adam alone, take are about canadian sensation. By the way, this is old news. Try to find something from today or tomorrow or make comments about Adam lastest achivements on Austrlia. It happes just two days ago!

  • little bumgrub
    little bumgrub

    He be singing without teeth

  • SoozinCA

    I'd welcome a kiss from Adam but I'm not his type, and that's OK because I go to his concerts and watch his videos to be entertained, he doesn't have to kiss me or anyone else for me to be thoroughly entertained. He's amazing live in concert, glad he got a chance to let loose in Sydney.

  • Glamnation Rocks
    Glamnation Rocks

    Adam is so awesome... best voice in the music biz... as to those poor pathetic people who write negative things. .... why are you following him?? lol/// your own comments suit yourselves much better, but then bully/haters aren't that smart

  • musicfan

    Adam is awesome - I'd love it if he kissed me! (won't ever happen, but... yeah) His concerts are the best!!! I've been to 6 GN shows in the US

  • Gina24

    Me too!! He could kiss me any day! He is smoking hot!

  • Me

    A kiss from Adam Lambert would be my ultimate dream but first ans foremost is his music, his singing, its wild, cant be copied and something everyone has to witness! The guy is unfrigginreal!!! HE ROCKS!!!

  • Lisa

    He could kiss me any day! He is a terrific performer with such a stage presence. Not to leave out also a tremendous voice! I love you Adam!!!!!

  • Haley

    A kiss from Adam would make my day !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Went to New Zealand concert - it was amazing , like WOW !. Wish he had of kissed me!!!!! You are fab Adam - you keep things real.

  • dw

    Eww I think I threw up at this

  • randy

    A kiss is that noteworthy? I loved the concert!! Adam's is the best vocalist around and his concerts are fun and exciting! Best concert I ever went to. Only complaint is that is was too short. Love U Adam, ROCK ON !!

  • anonymous

    I would be thrilled.

  • xxmisscyrusxx

    OMG ;xx ;dd

  • boredtotears

    ugh he is so stale