Mark Salling Talks ‘Pipe Dreams’

Glee star Mark Salling recently sat down and chatted with Idolator about his first solo effort, Pipe Dreams, which will be released Tuesday, October 26.

While Mark may be best known for playing bad boy Puck on Glee, his new album has more of a mellow feel to it. Mark says:

“Overall it’s got pop melodies over jazz chord changes with a rock feel, I’d say.”

Mark also gave some insight into the album title itself explaining:

“Pipe dreams is a term that represents what people will tell you are unrealistic dreams. That’s kind of what me considering a career in music and moving out west was—a pipe dream”

While Mark has been known to occasionally bust out his guitar on episodes of Glee, he is also a skilled pianist and started taking lessons at the age of 5. Also, Mark has been writing music for years and chose tracks for this album from a library of nearly 50 songs that he compiled.

One of Mark’s biggest hopes for the album? That all the songs will give listeners an idea of who he is as an artist outside of Glee:

“I think overall the record will really give people an insight to who I am as opposed to one track.”

Will you guys be picking up Pipe Dreams this Tuesday? Let us know in the comments!