SyFy Starlet Alessandra Torresani Gears Up For Halloween

While some people might not be the biggest fan of Halloween, Alessandra Torresani, who stars on the hit SyFy show Caprica, is so excited for the creepy holiday, she started decorating in August.

Celebuzz recently chatted with the dynamic actress and when we asked her about her Halloween plans she said, “I have Wonder Woman that I’m doing one day and the other is Betty Boop. I was Betty Boop at 2 years old and there’s the funniest picture of it on Facebook and all my friends couldn’t believe my mom made me look like a 50 year old woman, so I thought I would do it again.”

While Alessandra’s Halloween costumes are more on the cutesy side, the new movie she just finished filming, Playback, is anything but. Alessandra described it as, “a horror film about demonic teenagers with a lot, a lot of blood.”

The film, which also stars Christian Slater and Toby Hemmingway (the love interest in Taylor Swift’s “Mine” video) should hit theaters within the next few months. Keeping the trend of horror films going, she mentioned she would love to star in a remake of the classic horror film Rosemary’s Baby.

When she’s not busy planning for Halloween and shooting horror movies, Alessandra is busy filming her popular show Caprica which is a spinoff of the hit show Battlestar Gallactica, which just started the second part of its first season.

However, when we asked Alessandra if she considered herself a sci-fi “geek” she had this to say: “With some things, yes, but with others I’m totally not. I’m a complete girly-girl, but I do consider myself as a complete dork. [In high school] I was a theater nerd and intelligent in math. My parents thought I was going to go to MIT and here I come out singing and dancing and acting.”

Talented, sexy and a math nerd?! What can’t she do?!

Don’t forget to tune in to Caprica which airs Tuesday nights on SyFy.

What do you think of Alessandra’s Halloween costumes? What you will be dressing up as? Let us know in the comments!