Is This Katy Perry’s Wedding Dress?

Katy Perry is now officially Mrs. Russell Brand - but more importantly, what did she of the cupcake bra and the palm tree-printed latex dress wear to the “very private and spiritual ceremony” in India?

Celebuzz confirmed that the Teenage Dream singer and personal style maven wore Elie Saab Haute Couture, but a rep for the designer declined to divulge any details about the sure-to-be-stunning gown, telling Celebuzz that Saab “would like to respect their privacy and the intimacy of the event.”

Fair enough — but having taken a keen interest in Katy’s wedding dress selection, Celebuzz couldn’t resist further investigation. Tipped off by Us Weekly that Ms. Perry’s dress was “dove gray and had lace sleeves,” we scoured the photos of Saab’s most recent haute couture collection and happened upon the above design. Lace sleeves? Check. Dove gray coloring? Uh, we think so. Considering there is a veil and a dreamy full skirt involved, this dress could certainly be interpreted as bridal.

Is this Katy’s dress? There’s no telling for the time being, and if Russell was serious about keeping the “I do’s” uber-private, we may never know. For now, we issue the disclaimer that we have no idea if this is Katy’s dress or not. But we can dream, can’t we?

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