Jane Lynch’s Wild ‘More’ Magazine Shoot (PHOTOS)

The Glee kids went “wild” for GQ (and sparked a controversy in the process), and now their 50-year-old co-star Jane Lynch is following suit for a sexy new shoot in More magazine.

Instead of shedding her token tracksuit to reveal her panties a la Lea Michele, Lynch leaves the scantily-clad dressing to a few beefcake models, who oblige her with a manicure and some wow-worthy cheerleading moves. (Click through for more photos.)

Emmy-winner Jane (best known as Glee’s cocky coach Sue Sylvester) opened up about her recent marriage to psychologist Lara Embry, saying she didn’t think marriage “was going to be out there for me.  But the minute we were married, I felt the difference: “I felt like I am no longer alone.”

Lynch also divulges she quit drinking in 1991, after realizing she was hitting the bottle every night and felt “hungover all the time.” She told a friend: “I’m pouring out this glass of wine and never drinking again.” (She kept her promise!)

Other fun facts include Jane’s revelation that she is deaf in her right ear and a hater of celebrity gossip nicknames, particularly “LiLo.”

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Photo Source: More magazine