Justin Bieber’s Cologne and Perfume Are Coming

Justin Bieber announced that he has been working on and will release his own fragrance line called “My World” after his current world tour, and the line will feature four different scents. The unisex scents will be offered in a new patented technology form.

Instead of coming in bottle form, the scents will be available for purchase as either wristbands or dog tags. It is also equipped with special resin that is set to hold that scent for an entire year of wearing the accessories. The four variations will be called Energy, Tour, Icon, and Web. Fans will be able to choose between smelling like Lychee and Pomegranate, Bergamot, Musk, and Cedar. 

The young singer also took time away from touring to hand pick the scents and said of the experience: 

“I just like to try new things,”

He then went on to talk about what he prefers when it comes to other perfumes,

“I actually like the Britney Spears perfume on girls. It smells good.”

The scents will be available at Walmart for $10 each at the beginning of the holiday season, in November. Is this on your holiday list?