Kourtney Kardashian Sports Chevy Chase Chic

Is Kourtney Kardashian taking fashion cues from comedian Chevy Chase?

Kourtney rocked a turban around NYC last week, which had some people questioning her fashion cred. However, instead of raising eyebrows, it generated some laughs after a friend sent Kourtney the above side-by-side pic.

The fashionista wrote on her blog:

“A friend sent me this side by side of me wearing my vintage turban and Chevy Chase wearing an identical turban in ‘Christmas Vacation’! I thought it was hilarious!! A lot of people are hating my turban look, but I’m just having fun with fashion and trying new things.”

Gotta love Kourt’s sense of humor!

What do you guys think about Kourtney’s turban? Totally chic? Or totally crazy? Give us your thoughts in the comments!