Robert Pattinson Says He'll Be More Popular When He's Dead

Robert Pattinson Says He'll Be More Popular When He's Dead-photo

Robert Pattinson might be considered the hottest man alive by his army of fans, but the way the actor himself sees it, he might be better off dead. Or, at least, his work might be.

The 24-year-old Twilight stud, who dabbles in music when he isn't busy making hearts flutter as sexy vampire Edward Cullen, reckons that the songwriting side of his oeuvre won't get its due until he's been planted six feet under:

"I am sure I'll be one of those artists that people don't pay any attention to while I'm alive, and when I am dead people will go yeah, man, that was a work of art...I see myself playing in a rundown blues bar, with about three people drowning their sorrows. I play according to my mood, and sometimes that can come across as very depressing in music."

Nice to know that R-Pattz has a healthy perspective on the appeal of his music. The only question is, can the perpetually undead ever really hope to achieve posthumous acclaim? 

Do you think Rob's music will be appreciated in his lifetime? Let us know in the comments section, after checking out his song "Never Think" from the Twilight soundtrack below:

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  • Dinorah López
    Dinorah López

    Why does Robert always talk about death so much? It really freaks me out when he does that. I wish he would stop it!! What if he does? don´t you realize we´re all going to end like that death... well I think he´s just one of those people who is aware.

  • RobinEA

    I love his acting and he is has talent as far as playing piano and gutiar, but his singing voice no. He mumbles and as much as I love him I just do not like to hear him sing.....I really have tried tolike it, but I can,t.

  • guest

    well, look who's comparing himself to the dead (but already in life acclaimed) genius of jeff buckley? we knew that pattinson imitates buckley's style (he said so) but I hope he doesn't think he can compare in brilliance... although it's of course a good thing to have something really fabulous to strive for.

  • Charlotte

    I think rob is a great musician, he's amazin on da piano and guitar as well as an actor but da dude's rite, he probaly will be more famous when he is dead, like micheal jackson, but its true dat the dude is 24 and is talkin bout death! im mean, come on, how would his fans feel...god bless dis dude man cause who knows what he'll do

  • Charlotte

    hahaaa I love how Americans have no sense of humour. lmao!!

  • bxfbd

    i love rpatz so much and if he dies ill die 2 i love his music

  • payly

    me encantaaaaaaaaaa..... k yaaa empieza a grabar su disco....

  • Penny

    I absolutely LOVE his music. Although he doesn't have much out there right now... I have listened to it and his voice is amazing. He has a voice like no other singers right now and its mesmerizing. I could listen to him every day! I wish he would put out a CD so that I could :)

  • barblicious

    just last week.. i was on my way 2 uni and i was searching for this songs.. i luv it.. his voice is amazin.. it lik two different people.. ts sweet.. soft & breathe taking.. ts soo great that he follows his feelings.. ts pure..

  • Danielle

    Hopefully he will record someday or at least incorporate it somehow in his acting like a music biopic. His voice and music are really good.

  • Jasonizer

    This is a kind of song I'll never skip in my playlist. It’s so deep and touching. You can really feel it; I love how he puts his emotions in the song. I hope people won't get blinded by all this teenage hysteria and evaluate justly this truly talented young man.

  • emma

    Why does Robert always talk about death so much? It really freaks me out when he does that. I wish he would stop it!!

  • juno

    i think his music was much more better than his acting though i love every thing he does but his voice is heartbreaking and the way he plays the piano or the guitar is mind blowing and i wish him all the luck whatever he does

  • Darla

    hahaaa I love how Americans have no sense of humour.

  • laur

    Mr. Pattinson is a very talented young man, both in acting & as a musician, hopefully we'll get to hear his music alot more in the future. (At least I sure hope so!).

  • sophie1986

    Funny, I made the same face during the end of Indiana Jones 4.