Robert Pattinson’s Ideal Lady: Quiet and Pooch-Friendly

In a recent interview with the Japanese Magazine Screen, Robert Pattinson revealed the two qualities he looks for in a girl. The dreamy vampire tells the magazine, 

“Well…first, they have to love dogs. Also, not shouting in a loud voice…They’re the only two conditions, after that, it’s just a matter of whether we get on well.”

Although the interview was short, RPattz also opened up about his career, how he deals with the fame and how he feels about playing a father in his upcoming movies. He adds, 

Twilight is also a small independent film by an independent director, it’s a dark and tragic drama. I still can’t get used to the fact that it has suddenly become a hit. So I’m making film after film without a break, not thinking about the fact that I have become famous. I decided that I didn’t want to appear in Hollywood blockbusters, so I choose small features as I did before.”

The young star is currently in Baton Rouge, Louisiana getting ready to start filming the final installments of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn, parts I & II. The first movie isn’t due to be released until the fall of 2011, but in the meantime you can catch him in the movie, Water for Elephants which comes out in April. What do you think of his qualities?