'The Buried Life' Crew Set Their Sights on Robert Pattinson (VIDEO)

'The Buried Life' Crew Set Their Sights on Robert Pattinson (VIDEO)-photo

The guys from The Buried Life have pulled a lot of crazy stunts like asking out Megan Fox and Taylor Swift (who actually said yes!) but on tonight's episode, they make it their mission to steal a lock of Robert Pattinson's majestic hair.

That's right, on tonight's episode of the hit MTV show, after receiving a dare on Facebook, the boys stalk RPattz throughout all of Hollywood and even end up making a couple close encounters.

Do they find RPattz? Do they get the hair? You'll have to tune it tonight to find out! But until then, here's a sneak peek to hold you over.

Will you be tuning in to The Buried Life tonight? Think they get the hair? Leave us a comment and share your thoughts!



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  • Jessica

    i love the burried life guys they're awesome, duncan i'd marry you ;-) ha but it sucked they didn't get to show his face when they asked for his hair, that woulda been hilarious. still good epsiode though

  • Betty El
    Betty El

    I was very disappointed because they never showed them meeting with or talking to Robert Pattinson.

  • simplydiffer

    ah, i love the buried life guys. bunch of cool dudes