Win a Signed Copy of Hilary Duff’s Book ‘Elixir’!



Only one code has been found so far and we know how difficult photobombing can be, so we thought we’d drop you guys a few hints! You might be able to find Hilary doing the following:

1. Hanging out at the gym.

2. Chillin’ with some Twilight hunks.

3. Racing to the finish with a reality starlet.

4. Frolicking on the beach.

Good luck and happy searching!


Hilary Duff: singer, actress, and now, best selling author!

The crew at Celebuzz is so excited for the success of Hilary’s first book, Elixir, that we’ve decided to give away five copies! 

How do you get your hands on a copy of the newlywed’s thrilling book? It’s a photobomb contest!

That’s right, we’ve hidden Hilary in five pictures throughout our photo galleries (just like the pic above) and each pic has a unique code as its caption. To win, find one of the photos with Hilary, come back to this post and be the first to leave the code in the comments.

Even more exciting? One of the copies is signed by Hilary herself!

What are you waiting for?! Get searching!

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