Britney Spears Refutes Radar’s Song Leak Story

Britney Spears wants fans to know that she was not the victim of a dreaded song leak, as Radar Online reported yesterday.

The pop princess took to her official blog last night to stamp a “BS” label on Radar’s report claiming a new three-minute ditty called “Pleasure You” was leaked, infuriating Britney and executives at Jive, her record label. While a Jive rep told Radar they would look into the issue, Britney’s official call of “BS” assures fans that her new music is safely under wraps (at least for now.)

Radar’s story described “Pleasure You” as a song in which Brit was “being submissive, a servant and doing whatever it takes to please her man.” Though she once crooned “I’m a Slave 4 U,” we’re not so sure that sounds like present-day Britney. One thing is for sure – the world is dying to hear a little new Britney music. Here’s hoping we’ll get a taste soon.

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