Did Rihanna Miss Katy Perry's Wedding?

Did Rihanna Miss Katy Perry's Wedding?-photo

While Rihanna and Katy Perry are BFFs, the "Rude Boy" songbird was reportedly absent from her pal's Indian wedding.

According to Us Weekly, RiRi didn't attend Katy's wedding due to some last-minute recording sessions for her new album.

"It was always sort of up in the air that she would go anyway, and Katy knew that," a source told Us. "They saved her a room just in case, but they always knew it would be nearly impossible for her to make it as she's still finishing the album and it's out in a few weeks. Rih was in the studio all weekend."

Rihanna had talked about attending the wedding for months and planned Katy's epic bachelorette party in Las Vegas.

Katy and Russell Brand were married in India over the weekend in a super-secretive ceremony.

Celebuzz reached out to Rihanna's reps for comment on the missed-wedding rumor but we have not yet heard back.

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  • hearts

    I've read this on other sites, too. That's sooo messed up! Rihanna said she was 'so excited' to see Katy get married. She knew about the location and date way before hand, she should have been there. At least Katy is being cool about it.

  • SickofThem

    Who cares whether she went or not? That "marriage" will be over by the time they get back from that long assed flight!

  • MissCaseyB

    where do you get your facts ? Us weekly is wrong, there are photos of Rihanna at Katy Perry's bachelorette party...in India!