Justin Bieber Victim of Photoshop Disaster?

Justin Bieber Victim of Photoshop Disaster?-photo

Justin Bieber's adorable, cherub-like features looked a little too adorable on the cover of Todateen Star, a Portuguese teen magazine. In fact, Justin looked so doll-like that many American fans complained that the 16-year-old star had been photoshopped to an unnatural level of cute.

With his eyes lightly darkened and his lips looking like pink rosebuds, there was something definitely, uh, different about the star's naturally handsome looks.

Meanwhile, Todateen Star, a supplement of Todateen magazine (the Portuguese equivalent of a Bop or J-14) defended their angelic cover of Baby Biebs and insisted that they did not retouch the cover.

"We could not help noticing your comments and tweet from the picture of Justin on the cover of Todateen Star," the magazine posted on their website (via Huffington Post's translation), "We would like to say that there was no change made in the area of the singer's eyes. We had a technical problem that darkens certain areas of the photo."

"We also want to say that all of us find Justin very naturally beautiful. We'd never think it's necessary to alter pictures of him. Natural beauty says it all, right?"

Justin wouldn't be the first star to be at the center of a photoshopping controversy. Everyone from Jessica Alba to Jon Hamm has been made to look unnatural due to the overzealous hand of a retoucher.

Do you think Justin was photoshopped in these pictures? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • fail

    its not a portuguese magazine.. its BRAZILIAN...idiots..



  • kamix

    eso q le hicieron esta super bueno apoyo a kien sea que le hizo eso espero cosas mas bacanas ... ese creido debe ser menos creido jajajajajjajajajjajajajja q verguenza con ese justin

  • megan

    and people wonder why peple call him gay i am a huge justi bieber fan but that looks like he has makeup on

  • Yuliza

    keeeeee stan tontos o ke no saben acer las kosas komo van a poner a mi justin bieber ke se pinta stan idiotas de the mas idiotas del mundo y si piensan ke Mi Justin es gay klaro ke no lo es o0k ke les kede bn klaro ke el no es eso xk el no se pinta se salen ahora si se les paso la mano mugres idiotas pra ke ponen kosas de el si no saben acer nda bn o0k atte: Yuliza DE' Bieber Belieber =4 Ever= Love You JUSTIN BIEBER justinbieber_yuliza@hotmail.com

  • Yuliza

    keeeee stan tontos o ke no saben nda de nda estan bn tontos xk le hisieron eso a mi justn pra kreiieran ke se pinta ps fijense ke noo estan idiotas. no es lo e ustedes piensan o0k ke les kede bn klaro atte:Yuliza'De' Bieber Belieber =4 Ever= Love You Justin Bieber

  • Isa

    HE is the disaster.

  • Maya

    What the hell is with the make up. OMG his eyes are not naturally like that just compare it to any other picture of him and you will see a big difference. The eye liner and lip liner messes up the picture so much!!!

  • Steffi

    I guess someone who was working on the magazine is not much of a bieber fan so this is what we got.

  • Luã

    Sorry, I'm Brazilian and this magazine is not in Portugal and Brazil, but, as reported on this site!

  • Luã

    Esses grigos estão tudo louco achando que esta revista é de Portugal! Mais deixa pra lá assim é bom que agente não passa mais essa vergonha pro mundo!

  • Alessandra

    So he/she looks like a girl. What's new about it. Maybe a little more prettier than before. If he wasn't photoshoped at all the critcs would be much more worse than now.

  • simplydiffer

    I knew he was a girl. LOL. Love this.

  • asian girl
    asian girl

    beautiful girl, but slightly looks like a boy.. who justin bieber.. sorry am an asian girl..

  • me

    Cute girl! good one

  • barney

    XD this is better than the water bottle incident! LIKE hilarious try typing justin beiber and water bottle on love calculator :)

  • selenagomez#1FAN

    this is funny:) that looks like a cartoon, EYELINER alert, :D haha airbrush cartoonized idiot:L

  • Every sensible person in the world
    Every sensible person in the world

    He looks like a 7 year old girl.. No news there then... :D

  • Nelson Filipe
    Nelson Filipe

    actually.. it's a brazilian magazine, not a portuguese one.

  • selena.

    he is cute without any make up .so please dont do like this again he is naturally cute

  • Julia

    WHO DID THAT? the person is being mean to justin. I HATE THAT PHOTOSHOPING IDIOT! Sorry I don't really mean it. But it kinda freaks me out. Justin deserves better!

  • idk

    umm talk about looking like a female dyke, justin beiber you hit the nail on the head!

  • danone


  • joker

    What a pretty girl.

  • ayttui


  • Marianna Xavier
    Marianna Xavier

    for the record, the Portuguese language is SPOKEN in Brazil, but the magazine is BRAZILIAN, NOT PORTUGUESE. If you pay attention to the url of the magazine, you'll notice that it ends in ".com.br". The BR stands for Brazil. Please correct the mistake. This is like saying "The New Yorker is the English version of Piauà ". Pi auà , in case you're wondering, is he Brazilian version of The New York er. (2 votes)

  • Cary

    Justin is the sexiest creatur on dis planet, but dis was nothing like him

  • Jade

    You know the people who comment talking junk about him really make my day because you give me the oppurtunity to flame you. Like someone said this is his ral self then said gayyyyyyyyy . Um no obviously you can tell its photoshopped so STFU u sound so stupid like really. You think you really saying something but u really not. you think your all cool and tough talking about Justin Bieber like really your sound like a dumb ass so lets keep our mouth shut until we say something intelligent. Plus like reallly I wouldnt care what people said all you are is jealous. like if you really hate him so bad why are you going out of your way to look at pictures and read articles about him then like a retard you comment. So basically your just a hater trying to be seen. When really you think hes going to come and read your comments and feel intimidated but hes not because he still making money and have all the fame so like STFU

  • Aimee

    Did they mention once in this about how he looks even more like a girl than usual... with the eye make-up and lip-gloss. Very obviously photoshoppped. His hair is blurry and everything. Terrible job.

  • annabannana56

    oh my GOODNESS! this is HORRIBLE. this is not funny at all. I feel so bad for Justin he didnt do anything to deserve this . SMH. This is hilarious!

  • Ana Carina
    Ana Carina

    This isn't a portuguese magazine, it's a brazilian magazine

  • TJ

    he looks just like my 5 year old sister! SEROUSLY!

  • erh

    that is his real self! gayyyyyyyy

  • shdj

    its so obvious that they did retouch it, bieber doesnt wear eyeshadow or lipliner. what were they thinking?? hes supposed to look handsome not 'beautiful' like a girl :|

  • rofl

    Awesome, the picture is about as fake as his pop persona :D I applaud the team who had to suffer through that shoot.

  • Little Socrates
    Little Socrates

    If you take a look at either of the "related" pictures on the right, you'll see that his lip structure looks nothing like this, nor does his nose. Also, he may be missing his left ear. Good photoshop, guys, you made him even creepier. XD

  • Helen

    That looks really disturbing. I feel sorry for Justin Bieber. Movie Lists and Reviews

  • Lívia

    It's a brazilian magazine

  • ROFL


  • Nonyaaa.

    oh my GOODNESS! this is HORRIBLE. this is not funny at all. I feel so bad for Justin he didnt do anything to deserve this . SMH.

  • Kelly

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh wow, I just died of laughter.

  • sillyymonsterr


  • Bandarra

    for the record, the Portuguese language is SPOKEN in Brazil, but the magazine is BRAZILIAN, NOT PORTUGUESE. If you pay attention to the url of the magazine, you'll notice that it ends in ".com.br". The BR stands for Brazil. Please correct the mistake. This is like saying "The New Yorker is the English version of Piauí". Piauí, in case you're wondering, is the Brazilian version of The New Yorker.

  • N I R V A N A
    N I R V A N A

    tottaly agree with the tittle because his face dose not need photoshop and if the magazinse want JB to look awesome then little bit of photoshop will do but this looks like photoshop gone to dar ns dose not look nice at all it looks like really fugly and maybe the one who did the photoshop is not so pro at all because if the magazine editors were smart enough they should know hat the photo should not shotw its been photoshoped because photoshop needs too look like its reall not to show that the photo was edited. i dont mean that i dont like JB i really do like him and i really do like all of his songs but im just comenting about the picture and btw he looked so damn cute in the picture but to much of photoshop made it look really ugly.

  • kariina

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha OMG! she looks like justin bieber, seriously he looks more making up than paris hilton hahaha this is so f*cking fun i cant stop laughed

  • Claudia Hallen
    Claudia Hallen


  • Just Saying
    Just Saying

    Can you spell G A Y!!!!!!!

  • xxangelxx

    lmfao What a girl.

  • Dailsz

    Wow This Girl Is Gorgeous..........Wait!?!.....What?!?!.... Its A Boy...:O

  • stu

    XD this is better than the water bottle incident!

  • girl

    this looks nothing like him.. this is defs photoshopped! he does not wear that much eyliner or lipliner! wow mean!

  • theevaluator

    Cute girl!

  • Nina Retar
    Nina Retar

    hahahaha, FAIL

  • reneelucky7

    LMAO! That looks nothing like him!

  • Marianna Xavier
    Marianna Xavier

    Tá parecendo uma menina (mais que o normal) :P

  • annabannana56


  • sophie1986

    This is funny. I could be at a puppy funeral and I’d probably still laugh.

  • meg

    OMG he looks like in full make up!! Eyes, lips.. this is disaster! They made him hilarious and pathehic..in fact he's not

  • twinklemepink06

    i agree. Talk about lip liner and eyeliner. looks horrible.