'Twilight' Wolf: 'More Abs' in 'Breaking Dawn!'

'Twilight' Wolf: 'More Abs' in 'Breaking Dawn!'-photo
Of all the things we know about The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, the following nugget of information may be the most crucial: The wolfpack is upping the ab factor.

When asked what Twi-hards can expect from the final installments of the vamp saga, Alex Meraz, who plays buff wolf Paul, replied: “More abs! Sprayed on abs, more grease to make the abs look better!”

How does the wolfpack keep their abs and pecs in perfectly toned harmony? Meraz admits that he and fellow werewolves Taylor Lautner, Chaske Spencer, Kiowa Gordon and Bronson Pelletier aren't shy about checking up on each other's fitness.

“That’s what we always do, ‘Oh, your arms are getting a little bigger, your chest is getting bigger,’” he continued. “We totally always do that. It’s very macho, but fun.”

Luckily Twi-hards may be able to keep tabs on the wolves on the New Orleans set of Breaking Dawn, where Meraz and his co-stars will hopefully enforce their long-held 'shirts optional' policy.

Are you looking forward to more abs in Breaking Dawn? Who's your favorite member of the wolfpack? Weigh in via the comments.



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  • TeamBlack

    They are filming in Baton Rouge, not New Orleans. Apparently the wolfpack scenes will all be shot in Vancouver. The only exceptions will be the ones who are actually inside the Cullen house during Breaking Dawn. That is Jacob, Leah and Seth.

  • lily

    [quote=Sab Star]couldn't care less about the mutt-pack. Robward yes please - flabby, hairy, pale, toned - any which way. that sounds racist.

  • Sab Star
    Sab Star

    couldn't care less about the mutt-pack. Robward yes please - flabby, hairy, pale, toned - any which way.

  • Charlotte

    Shut-up, its all bout paul, lol, and also, yahhh!!!, more bodies! shamwoohoo!!

  • vampire girl
    vampire girl

    embry is hooooot


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