Who Should Mark Salling Date? (POLL)

Who Should Mark Salling Date? (POLL)-photo

Mark Salling plays McKinley High's resident hunk on Glee (no offense to co-stars Cory Monteith, Matthew Morrison and new guy Chord Overstreet.) Is smooth operator Puck rubbing off on Salling himself?

He's been rumored to date a bevvy of beautiful gals including co-star Naya Rivera (who he denies keyed his car in a jealous rage,) Disney cutie Selena Gomez and most recently, stunning The Event actress Taylor Cole. According to the New York Post, Cole was spotted flirting with Salling at his Pipe Dreams album release party.

A rep for Salling, 28, denies Taylor and Mark got cozy, but it got us thinking - who should eligible bachelor Mark make his girlfriend: vixeny co-star Naya, 23, good girl Selena, 18, or the ingenue Taylor, 26?

It's up to the Celebuzz readers to play Cupid. Tell us in the poll - who should Mark make his one and only?



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  • Anonymous

    Theresa June Tao :)

  • Darkman

    He should stick with the hand puppet.

  • jane

    [quote=Come on]DIANNA AGRON!!! HELL YEAH !

  • Eliz

    am i alone saying Lea Michele? lol, idk. Definitely not Naya Riviera - she is one crazy bitch!! not only is she a psycho but she's also a thief! lol anyone but her!!!

  • Come on
    Come on


  • sHoOoSh92

    he should date ME =P

  • ......

    lea michele

  • Golom

    selena gomez is a fine piece of ass. her pussy is not white but tight and wet so he should bang her brains out its okay to f*ck latina as long not black

  • Chelsea

    He should so date Dianna Agron!! There to freaking cute!! SALGRON FTW!!!

  • rafagonca

    Selena! Please!!!!!