JWoww to the Haters: I’m a Real Human Being!

JWoww has a message for us all: She might have a fake name, a fake tan and, maybe possibly, other fake elements, but underneath all of that she’s a totally real person, with many different facets, all of which we should respect.

The Jersey Shore enchantress (real name: Jenni Farley) took to her Twitter account on Tuesday to tell the world that she and her reality TV cohorts shouldn’t be caricatured by the limited view of them presented on their series:

“[I] want to express something: A: people only get to see 1 side of us when we are on the Jersey Shore because we are in a shore house in the middle of summer and are there to only have fun. people dont get to see our business side or anything else so when we dress differently/ or just show different sides of us people say negative things and its a joke to me.

B: we are not characters on a show or in real life. we are real people being documented so dont think us dressing or doing something different outside the show is outside our character. its still us being us just in a different light!”

Got that, people? The Jersey Shore cast is not comprised of a bunch of interchangeable guidos and guidettes. Well, except for maybe on Halloween, but that’s a special occasion.