Kristen Stewart in 'Welcome to the Rileys': Newest Clip! (VIDEO)

Kristen Stewart in 'Welcome to the Rileys': Newest Clip! (VIDEO)-photo

Ready to see more of Kristen Stewart in her edgiest role yet?

Hot on the heels of Stewart's potty-mouthed diatribe in the first clip from her upcoming movie Welcome to the Rileys, comes this somewhat more subdued taste of the movie, which goes into wide release on November 10. In it, Stewart's character, underage stripper Mallory, attempts to make peace with her new benefactor, businessman Doug Riley (played by The Sopranos' James Gandolfini), after a spat.

Check out the new Welcome to the Rileys clip below. Are you excited to see the movie? Let us know in the comments section.



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  • Mike P
    Mike P

    every freakin actor acts the same in every freakin movie stfu ***holes

  • liansheng

    kristen steward is one the best celebrity in my list and i am so big fan of Kristen and i like her so much.


    Honestly, i love Kristen and she is not bad actress..But her performances are the same is every movie i have seen of her...I do like the fact that she puts herself in the characters she plays, i think that's why she acts similarly in her films. To say she is AMAZING, and "Mind blowing"..come on thats too much...she was the same in her other films that called for more emotion

  • sophie1986

    My word, has she been hanging out with ethnic wolves again? A sparkling white Mormon vampire would never do such dirty things.

  • juno

    so far from the clips I've seen her performance will be mind blowing ,its so intense and real and it's the complete opposite of her so i think she nailed it .go Kristen in you we trust

  • tame

    @TRH36 She doesn't bring the character to life. She's just playing herself. Instead of playing the character like it's written down she's searching for similarities which she shares with the character then she plays it the exact same way. Look at Twilight. Bella was a happy girl till Kristen made her depressed.

  • TRH36

    Talia, Tell me one ACTOR that DOESN'T use the same stuff over and over again. I can't think of one. If it works then they use it. Kristen is a very talented Actress. They way she acts and/or becomes the characters, she brings them to life. She knows how to make them REAL! She always picks Movies that she can put herself into completely. She is famous for everything because of the way she acts and the so called ticks that you mentioned. That is why we LOVE HER! LETS SEE YOU TRY AND ACT better! I bet you couldn't, No! I know you couldn't so stop being so negative. :( ROBSTEN4ever!

  • lully

    you can wait for her new movie 'on the road', so you can see her act differently..

  • Charlotte

    when is kristen ever gonna do a movie where she is not always depressed, takin drugs, got herself in sex business or looking like a tramp, are dey tryin to tell me dat kristen is da perfect person for dese things cause im startin to believe them.

  • kjhkiyh

    i love her but she does act the same way at every movie

  • GAL

    @Talia perhaps you should film the clip the way YOU would've done it. Recently, the characters she’s played have been fairly similar--most of them have had grit or an edge to them. the ways she acted in zathura and the way she acted in cake eaters were completely different because they were different characters. call me crazy but i see no similarities in her characters in speak, panic room, cake eaters, or the runaways. the messengers was the first thing i saw her in and didn't care for it. next was in the land of women--crap. but to me those movies in general just weren't very good. then i saw speak and panic, panic room, and cake eaters and was sold on her acting. solid films to me. actually WATCH them yourself and see.

  • Talia

    Oh dear GOD. She acts EXACTLY the same in every single film. Always the same little ticks.. A good actor is able to actually portray a broad range of characters, and leave themselves completely out of it.. But she's always doing the head-shaking, lip-biting, talking in the same voice. She's a very pretty girl, and seems really intelligent in interviews, but I just can't understand why people love her so much. Can anyone explain that to me?

  • Sandra

    it seems a good film....hope that can release in HK

  • Steff17

    the movie it seems to be awesome!!!

  • Steff17

    she is amazing!!!


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