Report: Joe Jonas’ Mother ‘Isn’t Thrilled’ About Ashley Greene

Is  Ashley Greene driving a wedge between her new boyfriend Joe Jonas and his mother?

A friend of the Jonas Family tells Hollywood Life that Joe’s mom, Denise, is none too happy about the fact that her 21-year-old son has hooked up with the 23-year-old Twilight beauty, because of Greene’s reportedly aggressive personality:

“Normally he’s the one calling the shots, but now Ashley’s the one leading the relationship. She’s edgier and older than Joe’s other girlfriends and his mom isn’t thrilled about the situation.”

Also an alleged issue for Denise is the possible moral disparity between her purity-ring-flaunting son and Greene, who’s been known to go on the occasional sex shopping spree:

“They’ve instilled really moral believes in their boys, and Joe has always been the one to push the envelope a little bit. Denise knows her boys are heartthrobs, but she’s kind of nervous of the way Ashley has Joe wrapped around her finger.”

Mama Jonas might have reason to be anxious; her son and Greene have been nearly inseparable recently, with Ashley joining Joe on the South American leg of the Jonas Brothers’ tour, and Joe tagging along in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as Ashley prepares to film the Twilight finale Breaking Dawn. To say nothing about reports that Joe is preparing to propose to his latest lady-love. The source concludes,

“[Denise is] trying to give Ashley a shot. But things are a little strained.”

What say you, readers? Do you think Denise really has a problem with Ashley Greene? Should she? Let us know in the comments section.