Taylor Momsen Debuts Red Eyes (PHOTOS)

Taylor Momsen was seeing red on Tuesday night, ditching her normal smokey black eye makeup for a Halloween-esque red look.

The Gossip Girl rabblerouser donned the rouge on for the (appropriately) red carpet before Momsen's band The Pretty Reckless performed in Los Angeles. There's no word on whether the red eyes affected her rocking abilities in any way.

Click through to see Momsen's red-eyed vibe, and then vote in the poll below on whether you dig it or not.



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  • emma kate
    emma kate

    I personnaly lovee taylor momsen..i think she takes risks i love her makeup and style. I love the pretty reckless too..i think that shes a teenager and gets a lot of sh*t for it..if i was her i would probally be sayin and doin the same thing and i think people need to stop critisizing her..i love her music(:

  • dafish11

    is isnt even artistic.....shes soo pretty and look at this, she bugs me that she jsut wants to get her self out there by doing this stuff and being know as the new rebel teen of hollywood (not counting miley) so idk this isnt a good way to get herself known in hollywood

  • CRHCBB119

    Naturally, she's so pretty. This, frankly, is terrifying.

  • LIndenOBerkekeley

    Gosh. If people aren't bashing Taylor for being too outrageous they do for unoriginality. Here it is neither, in my opinion, as she is merely wearing established goth style. I thought celeb followers knew something of fashion. The SEX PISTOLS were fashion models to begin with... they were created to sell Vevienne Westwood. Wendy O Williams pasties? Souixie Souix eys shadow? Anna Tsuchiya torn slip with torn stockings? Gotta love a gal who knows her punk roots... And I am serious.

  • Chelsea S.
    Chelsea S.

    Someone's excited for Halloween. LOL!

  • Amy

    Someone's excited for Halloween.

  • Lyylo

    oh my god.. if i tought she looked weird from behind i was totally grossed out by this one.. not to mention she's what..16?..