Taylor Swift on Ex-Boyfriends: They Had Fair Warning! (VIDEO)

Memo to potential Taylor Swift suitors: If you end up dating the 20-year-old country songbird, chances are the experience will be immortalized in one of her songs. And no, she doesn’t care if it hurts your feelings.

Swift—whose new album, Speak Now, is already sparking heated “who’s that song about?” debates—appeared on Late Show With David Letterman on Tuesday, and once again her highly autobiographical songwriting style was brought up. Swift’s take on things? At this point in time, guys should be aware of her M.O., so whatever:  

Speak Now is the third album I’ve been doing this, so they had fair warning at this point.”

Hopefully Swift’s current beau, Jake Gyllenhaal, is okay with eventually having the details of his intimate life broadcast from the top of the charts.

Swift went on to reveal that she also speaks a bit of Japanese. Which means, of course, that she can tunefully embarrass her exes in a variety of languages. Hope they’re ready for some worldwide shame.

Check out Letterman’s interview with Swift below.