The Ultimate ‘Burlesque’ Giveaway (PHOTOS)

What do you get when you mix Christina Aguilera, Cher, sexy costumes and even sexier dance moves? The upcoming film Burlesque!

The highly-anticipated musical movie comes out next month and to spread the excitement we not only created a gallery of the most sexy burlesque hairstyles, but we're giving away a trip to NYC!

That's right, you and a friend could be whisked away to the Big Apple to hit the town and have some serious pampering courtesy the fabulous haircare team at Sebastian Professionals. The winner and their guest will receive airfare to NYC, two nights in a hotel, a night out including dinner and a show and fabulous Burlesque inspired updos all done at a posh Sebastian salon.

All you have to do is leave a comment saying which celebrity you think has had the most risqué hairdo in his or her career. Check out the official rules here.

Get to commenting so you can win that trip!



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  • Aion Noia
    Aion Noia

    For me it is Amy Winehous

  • KaRo Navarro
    KaRo Navarro

    Elton John

  • Natalie Gossett
    Natalie Gossett

    Christina Aguilera has done some crazy things with her hair! wild afro, braids, bleach blonde, the "dirrty look", it all worked!

  • Catherine Larsen
    Catherine Larsen

    Lady Gaga

  • Laura Nicole McGuinness
    Laura Nicole McGuinness

    Paris did it best

  • Lotuscheek

    Lady Gaga does the most unique hairstyles, color, and adornments of any star!

  • Shea

    Rihanna has the most risque hair, it gets sexier every time I see her.

  • vikki parman
    vikki parman

    I think Demi Moore and her shaved head look. Pretty bold.



  • starzine

    Dita embodies Burlesque in the most coolest way.

  • Tiffany M
    Tiffany M

    Its really a toss up with Gwen Stefani, Mel B and now Willow Smith! They are always doing something CRAZY with their hair!

  • Patricia Laridaen
    Patricia Laridaen

    Eva Longoria of course! I am a fan of hers since Y & R and such a switch in hairdo! She seems to adapt to anything and hope this is so in real life for her.

  • cameojh

    My vote is for Rhianna

  • jconway

    have to go with Dita

  • Carol Spilman Melodia
    Carol Spilman Melodia

    Carrot Top

  • Allayna Switzer
    Allayna Switzer

    I would say Lady Gaga would be the most risque in this day and age!

  • aliciaely

    Demi's shaved head!

  • Lyn

    Ashlee Simpson from Dark, Blonde and Red all different colors it's daring and very chic

  • jessica

    i think christina aguliera does she is the face of blonde and always looks so chic in her world of stardum!:)

  • mary janssen
    mary janssen

    I think Rihanna has taken some risks with her cut and color.

  • alanroberts1

    Remember Kajagoogoo? Lead singer Limahl? That was 27 years ago Limahl sported his hairdo, and you can still picture it vividly! Limahl was risqué well ahead of his time.

  • diego17

    I think it is Cher. She has had every style color and length imaginable!

  • Patty M
    Patty M

    i think that rihanna and nicki minaj have the most craziest and always changing hair colors and styles

  • WonderWoman931

    Ladies, Upon reviewing the definition of risqué: hazardous; risky; verging upon impropriety; dangerously close to, or suggestive of, what is indecent or of doubtful morality, one celeb tops them all....the one and only Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. Her bump knows no boundaries, 'tis a beacon of indecency!

  • lroberts84

    It's no coincidence that "Cher" rhymes with hair. Since she first broke out (with a little help from Sonny!), Cher has been known for her iconic locks. Whether long, straight, and silky or wildly untamed, black or blonde, or adorned with accessories, Cher knows no hair boundaries. Can you think of anybody else who would accept a (much-deserved!) Oscar wearing a feathered headdress that made walking through any door a challenge? Didn't think so!

  • Theresa M
    Theresa M

    I love Gwen Stafani's style. She can look classic like from the No Doubt It's My Life video or punk rock and cool like Hey Baby.

  • Pamela H
    Pamela H

    I think the most risque has to be Rhianna or maybe Toni Braxton. They always look great! Wish I could pull off that sexy bob. Thanx 4 the chance to win this sweet prize!!!

  • nlgauthier3305

    For me, Rick James has had the most risque celebrity hairdo. Whether it was long, short, braided, curly, beaded or glittered, Rick James certainly pushed the style boundaries all throughout the 80's. More of our contemporary celebrities should follow James' lead (RIP my brother) and let their Super Freak Flag fly!!!

  • Aviva

    Just saw the advanced screening of the movied "Burlesque"... Christina is the ultimate "burlesque girl".

  • Lisa

    Natalie Portman, hands (or hair?) down! At the height of her career she made the bold move of shaving her head for a film. Completely buzzed! It was shocking, to say the least. Nobody expected this gorgeous girl to shave off her beautiful locks, but she carried herself with as much poise and grace as ever. No other female can pull off bald quite like Natalie...sorry, Demi!

  • Kelly

    My vote is for Rihanna. She's always changing her hairdo, whether it be with a cut or a color.

  • Laurie

    Dita ...Always and Forever!

  • Meghan Litecky
    Meghan Litecky

    I have to say Christina wins my vote! Although Dita was a close second;)

  • Amanda G
    Amanda G

    Rihanna def takes major risks with her hair. Im surprised it hasn't all fell out with the dye jobs every week! Sometimes she actually hits the spot, but more often than not its too crazy for my liking! Love her thought!

  • chichijunk

    Lady GAGA

  • Mary Jenkins
    Mary Jenkins

    Pink, with her ultra short, half shaved look came to mind. I could not pull that off!

  • jz

    Rhianna has the most risque hair do!

  • Angelwhip


  • Kim Brown-Leber
    Kim Brown-Leber

    Kelly Osbourne Long or short that girl can pull off some very creative hairstyles.

  • Teresa

    Madonna, she was the one who started it all....

  • Laurie

    Dita von Teese!! Of course!! She has been working this look better than anyone for years! Even her name "teese" is burlesque!

  • shoegal018

    I love Paris Hilton's hair. I love the color, I love the way it fits her face, and it makes her look more sophisticated.

  • eve  kempgee
    eve kempgee

    Hair more suited to the County Set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michelle

    I would say Madonna is the ultimate chameleon. Every artists - whether its Christina Aguilera or Rhianna has done their best to be the fashionista icon that Madonna has successfully been since the 80's. Not only has her look changed, evolved and mature but so did she as an artists, performer and woman. Viva Madonna!

  • Roseann

    Christina with out a doubt....the woman ooooozzzzs sex-appeal and the amount of changes she has made in her famous life is astronomical .....many times I've seen her "newest" look and not even known it was her. She has amazing talent and is a spectacular looking woman.

  • Delano Jennings
    Delano Jennings

    It has to be Dennis Rodman. He has had so many risque hairdo's in his career. From the green hair to the leopard print.

  • Cynthia Matz-Smith
    Cynthia Matz-Smith

    Nothing riskier than bad blonde.

  • Kate Bear
    Kate Bear

    I mean besides the obvious pick of Lady Gaga for her crazy hair-dos, I'd have to agree with some of the past comments...Rihanna goes far across the spectrum. And good for her. Rock it girl :)

  • lessies

    Keri Russell had long curly locks, but shortened them to an above the ear crop and that was attributed to fans wondering if it was a camera trick to dropped ratings of "Felicity" upon the reality. Short hair is graceful though and I know at least a few burlesque looks that would look great on her or my length.

  • Jac

    I would say Rihanna takes the biggest risks with her hair. I mean she has Ronald McDonald red hair and she's rocking it.

  • MKL

    I agree with Jen. Rihanna is constantly changing her style from long to short, dark to light, natural to crazy, but she always pulls it off!

  • Jen Endy
    Jen Endy

    I'd have to say Rihanna has the most risque hair style. She can go long, short, extremely red, shaved and she is still hot!

  • Katarina

    For me it is Amy Winehous. Her hair style is the most characteristic of all!

  • betty ann amaral
    betty ann amaral

    the most risque hair style ...I'd have to say Demi Moore when she shaved her head for her movie GI Jane!!! That had to take al lot of courage!!!

  • gogetemtiger

    Christina HANDS DOWN! Over 10 years, Christina has always managed to reinvent/transform herself. . Despite being heavily critcized for everything she ever did, Christina has always managed to "BURLESQUE" her way through the craziest hairstyles, outrageous outfits and the shiniest makeup and dazzle us with that "INSANE" voice of hers! Go get em girl!

  • twinklemepink06

    I think Victoria Beckham has had the most risque hairstyles because of all the sharp angles and layers. She cut off almost all of her dark locks and exchanged them for a modern risque bob.

  • livefreealways

    It's true that Dita does embody everything Burlesque, but I think Scarlett pulls it off the best in these photos. But Christina definitely has the most risque hairdo.