'Women of SNL' to Spoof 'Real Housewives'

'Women of SNL' to Spoof 'Real Housewives'-photo

Already spoofed by hilarious little kids, the larger-than-life ladies of the Real Housewives franchise are about to get the full Saturday Night Live treatment.

Bravo master of ceremonies Andy Cohen reveals on his blog that he is playing himself in a Housewives skit airing during Monday night's Women of SNL special. Joining him on the glossy set replica of the first explosive Jersey reunion is an all-star roster of SNL ladies past and present, including Tina Fey, Molly Shannon, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer, Rachel Dratch, Cheri Oteri, and Kristin Wiig. As Andy says in his blog post: "OMG."

Though it's a bit of a challenge to identify the big-haired, nipped-and-tucked housewives at this juncture, it looks like Dratch is playing mama bear Caroline Manzo, Fey is portraying ditzy vixen Kelly Bensimon and Wiig might be taking on White House party crasher-turned-DC Housewife Michaele Salahi.

Fans will get to see the sure-to-be hilarious skit on the Women of SNL special airing November 1.

Have an idea about who's playing who? Leave them in the comments.


Photo Source: Bravo



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  • Cristal Elmaghrabi
    Cristal Elmaghrabi

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  • Willis

    Anytime I need a laugh I youtube the SNL skit with the Salahi's and the first time Kristen Wiig played Michaele she totally rocked and had her mannerisms down to a T! Michaele is my favorite housewive and I am looking forward to seeing her into a Season 2. I will be tuned in Monday for SNL and Andy Cohen! Can't wait!

  • SNL Fan
    SNL Fan

    Awesome to parody the horrible Scumlahis! SNL should bring back John Lovitz (the Liar guy) to play Tariq Salahi... "Sure, I have that White House invitation, right here next to my Patek Philippe watch! yeah, THAT's the ticket!"

  • I

    I see now why they call it "BRAVO". Bravo on this! I can't wait - Andy Cohen - you're a freaking genius!! :)

  • Lizette Halpern
    Lizette Halpern

    Kristin Wiig did Michaele Salahi last year in the red sari and it was the best opening yet! This is going to be hilarious to see! I love this!