PETA Supports Lindsay Lohan … Under One Condition

Lindsay Lohan’s three-month court-ordered stay at the Betty Ford rehabilitation treatment center is costing her $50,000 a month, so PETA is offering her financial help in the form of a publicity stunt they’ve become so good at.

The animal rights group is willing to pay up to $20,000 under the condition that she turns vegan. The terms are they will put $10,000 up front and then if she remains vegan for at least one year, they will pay the next $10,000.

The head of PETA, Michelle Cho, wrote a letter to Lohan stating not only the proposed agreement but also the easiness it is to turn vegan even while in rehab:

California rehabilitation centers have a great reputation for catering to vegan patients too. To help guide your decision, we’ll be sending you our new “Glass Walls” DVD, narrated by Sir Paul McCartney, and our vegetarian/vegan starter kit, which is full of useful information. Please let us know if you’d like to take us up on our offer.

According to E! News, Lohan’s attorney Shawn Capman Holly responded to the letter:

It’s something she’s seriously considering.

Only time will tell if Lohan takes the offer and ditches all animal products.

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