Robert Pattinson Gives School Kids the Day Off (VIDEO)

What’s better than a day off from school? A day off from school with Robert Pattinson, of course!

The Twilight heartthrob lent his grace and charm to the annual Headmaster’s Holiday at The Taft School in Watertown, CT, this year, joining director/Taft alum Peter Berg in announcing the day off.

Berg (who’s currently lensing the big-screen board-game adaptation Battleship) traveled to a graveyard in Baton Rouge, Louisiana—where Pattinson is currently preparing to lens the Twilight finale Breaking Dawn—to enlist the talents of the actor. (The Headmaster’s Holiday is a tradition that began with the 1908 election of President William Howard Taft, who declared the holiday so that his son Horace could attend his inauguration. Since then, a contest has emerged to out-do the previous year’s announcement.)

Taft headmaster Willy MacMullen said of this year’s announcement,

“Needless to say, when the film was shown, it was deafening! Peter Berg has directed another blockbuster hit! I thought we were going to have to call in the medics–several of the girls looked as if they were about to have a heart attack!”

And here Johnny Depp thought he was being cool with that Jack Sparrow stunt he pulled in England.

Check out the video below: