Taylor Momsen Gets Camera-Shy in Concert

For a gal who makes her living by acting on a hit TV show, Taylor Momsen seems to be developing a curious aversion to cameras. The Gossip Girl actress-turned-Pretty Reckless rocker threw a bit of a tantrum while performing at West Hollywood’s Roxy Theatre on Tuesday night, lecturing audience members who were filming her show. Clearly annoyed at the documentation of her concert, the 17-year-old wild child told the crowd,

“I know this is the modern age and everyone’s got cameras and cell phones and video cameras. But I’d really appreciate it if you’d put that f*cking sh*t down…I know it’s very cool to videotape and put it on YouTube the next day. But, frankly, it completely takes away from the show. I’d thoroughly appreciate it if you’d put that sh*t down and put your hands in the air…I want everyone’s hands in the f*cking air.”

Perhaps Momsen is wary of being captured flashing the crowd again?

Check out Momsen’s anti-camera rant here. Do you think she was justified? Let us know in the comments section.