Check Out Miley in ‘Big Bang’ Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus: actress, singer and…video vixen?

The 17-year-old songbird landed a starring role in Rock Mafia’s new music video, “The Big Bang” (not to be confused with The Big Bang Theory).

In a preview clip of the video, a sultry Miley makes out with a handsome stud – who definitely isn’t her real life beau, Liam Hemsworth – before getting into (spoiler alert!) a car crash.

Watch the preview clip of the video below.

Gossip Girl fans may recognize Miley’s smooch partner as on-screen heartbreaker Kevin Zegers. Kevin famously played the love interest of Taylor Momsen’s little J.

Why is Miley starring in this video? Producer group Rock Mafia famously remixed Miley’s 2007 hit song, “See You Again,” which was re-released on the singer’s 2008 album, Breakout.

Listen to the the Rock Mafia version of “See You Again” below.

The full video will premiere on November 1 on the E! network.

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