Is Joe Jonas Causing Drama on ‘Breaking Dawn’ Set?

Who knew that Joe Jonas is the jealous type? 

Hollywood Life reports that the Jonas Brother is spreading bad vibes on the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, set of the Twilight finale Breaking Dawn—because he can’t stand the thought of his girlfriend, Ashley Greene, filming intimate scenes with her co-star, Jackson Rathbone.

A production assistant on the set spills that Jonas is fuming with envy that Greene’s character, Alice Cullen, will be logging sexy screen time with her Jasper Hale (portrayed by Rathbone), and he’s throwing around all sorts of attitude, letting everybody know that, in real life, Greene is his lady: 

“Joe isn’t happy with Jackson kissing Ashley. He knows it’s a film, but these scenes are really hot and heavy. And, Joe is more of a singer than an actor, so this is all new to him.”

The source continues,

“Joe is very possessive of Ashley—letting everyone know that she belongs to him—especially [when it comes to] Jackson.”

Maybe Greene—who reportedly calls the shots in the relationship—should put her foot down.

Do you think Joe and Ashley’s relationship will be able to withstand Joe’s possessiveness? Let us know in the comments section.