Kourtney Kardashian: How to Dress Like Scott for Halloween

We all know how important fashion is to Kourtney Kardashian, so it’s no surprise that her bf Scott Disick has his own unique sense of style.

In fact, Scott’s threads are so flashy, people have even considered dressing up as him for Halloween, so Kourt decided to dish out some tips on her blog:

“I’ve heard some people are actually dressing up as Scott this year for Halloween!! I am excited to see what they wear…leopard loafers and a plaid three-piece-suit with a pocket square and a tie?”

And if you are brave enough to emulate Scott’s style, Kourt wants to see!

“If you or anyone you know if dressing up as Scott, tweet me a photo and include the hashtag #scottcostume and I’ll check out all your pics.”

Great idea for anyone who has been having trouble figuring out a costume!

What do you think of “Scott” as a Halloween costume? Let us know in the comments!