Mariah Carey Feels ‘Relief’ About Spilling Pregnancy News

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon dropped the news of their pregnancy earlier this week, and just hours later, Carey gave another exclusive interview to … her husband, Nick Cannon.

Conveniently, Cannon hosts a popular 92.3 radio show, and his expecting wife called in to offer up a candid and often funny chat about their whirlwind day yesterday which not only included the baby news, but also two video shoots for Mariah. “Right now I feel nauseous and exhausted,” Mariah laughingly said of her current state during her chat with Nick.

The conversation was emotional, but more light-hearted and comical in the cute-couple-talk sense. When Carey wasn’t jabbing Cannon for his “radio voice,” she often changed the subject, asking questions like why her lingerie draw was broken.

When prodded by Cannon about when her work schedule will slow down now that she’s openly pregnant, Carey — ever the showwoman — said: “I guess after New Year’s… Christmas, you know, obviously we’re going to have our festive moment. I’ve got big plans for you! I’ve got to talk to you about some big plans.”

Still, Carey says that despite keeping the news secret for months as the world speculated, announcing the news took a burden off of her.

“It was a relief today. Walking around and everything else, I feel like it maybe made everyone else around me more relaxed.”