Miley Cyrus Should ‘Focus on Personal’ Life for Now

Pop star Miley Cyrus was riding high with a hot new single, a reunion with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and a role in the upcoming romantic comedy LOL when the news broke: Her parents Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus are divorcing after 17 years.

It goes without saying that coping with her parents’ split and continuing work on her high-profile career won’t be easy for Miley, so Celebuzz reached out to a few of our trusted experts for their advice on how Miley can get through the difficult time.

“Divorce is usually harder on a high-profile teen because it will also impact their career and image,” psychiatrist and CEO at Council for Relationships Dr. Brendan Greer tells Celebuzz. “They are already handling some very serious roles as a breadwinner and a performer and this just adds more stress to an already complicated life.”

Complicating matters for Miley is the fact that Billy Ray and Tish are not only her parents, but also her business managers.

Working with her parents throughout their divorce (and custody proceedings) means a high-profile teen like Miley now has “the added burden of having to work with someone that they’re very mad at – Mom and/or Dad,” according to Greer.

Miley’s best course of action, he says, would be to prioritize her home life.

“Get out of thinking ‘what is this going to do to my career’ and start thinking ‘what is this going to do to my family?'” Dr. Greer said. “Focus on personal, not professional life right now.”

Therapy and time to reflect is crucial, experts say, because even though Miley is on the verge of adulthood herself, her parents’ split will be no less difficult for her.

“If you’re older, you have a better understanding of what has gone down and you’re going to have more of an opinion,” psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy told Celebuzz. “You know if your mom or dad had an affair.”

No matter the circumstances of the Cyrus split, experts say it’s important for Miley’s emotional health that she maintain a relationship with each of her parents.

Teens like Miley “should not take a side,” Dr. Sophy said. “If they feel they’re being pulled into things by one parent or the other, they need to try to redirect. I know it’s tough with all of the talking about each other, but trying to ping pong is only going to hurt the children more.”

Celebuzz’s thoughts are with Miley and the Cyrus family! Leave them your support in the comments.