Taylor Swift Dodges Swyllenhaal, Mayer Questions

Is Taylor Swift dating Jake Gyllenhaal? Did she pen the song “Dear John” about an ill-fated fling with John Mayer? Like many of her new tunes, Taylor’s chat with Ellen Degeneres about her love life is open to interpretation.

Perhaps the most notable part about Taylor’s Ellen appearance (airing Monday) is that the Speak Now superstar doesn’t deny a) the existence of Swyllenhaal or b) writing “Dear John” about the much-older Mayer.

When asked if the song is, in fact, about casanova Mayer, Taylor sweetly (and cryptically) told Ellen: “That song kind of is what it is.”

When the hilarious host cracks, “Ok great, we know the answer now.  It’s about him (John Mayer.) You didn’t dispute it so obviously,” Taylor eventually says, “I guess people are going to continue to speculate about it and I’m going to continue to never tell them who the song
is about.”

As for Gyllenhaal, with whom Taylor was spotted brunching in Brooklyn, the 20-year-old starlet continued to dodge Ellen’s questions, but again failed to deny the potential budding romance, saying only that she is “always optimistic about love.”

When asked specifically about Jake, the lovely Taylor asks pal Ellen: “You have a picture of us on the screen don’t you?”

Though she issues no denials and no confirmations, is this Taylor’s way of hinting she at least hung out with Jake?!

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