10 Things About Jonnie from ‘The Buried Life’

Want to know more about The Buried Life cast? We caught up with Jonnie Penn, the group’s youngest member, to give you answers!

Jonnie is the so-called idea guy of the bucket list foursome, but he also operates as main cameraman and editor for the show. His dreams are appropriately huge for a 23-year-old, as the item he most anticipates checking off the group’s list is #100: Go to Space. 

During our chat with the budding TV star, he shared ten facts most people don’t know, so we offer them to you now in Jonnie’s own words.

Fact #1: I have five brothers and sisters (one of them being Duncan, a cast mate).

Fact #2: I wish every day was Halloween.

Fact #3: If something can be over-analyzed, I will do it.

Fact #4: I represented Team Canada in the International Debating Championships at Oxford University

Fact #5: My favorite food is Cuban.

Fact #6: I would like to fall in love.

Fact #7: In University, I converted a friend’s laundry room into my bedroom (I would turn on the dryer as my source of heat). I’ve also lived in a greenhouse, an abandoned building and in an oil camp.

Fact #8: I’ve seen every movie trailer made in the last 15 years.

Fact #9: I’m never on time.

Fact #10: I had a lisp growing up.

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